Open Contracts in Sap Tcode

Open Contracts in SAP TCode: Everything You Need to Know

As a business owner or manager, keeping track of all the contracts your company has entered into can be a daunting task. In SAP, the Open Contracts transaction code (TCode) comes in handy when you need to view all the contracts that are still active. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Open Contracts in SAP TCode and how to use it effectively.

What Are Open Contracts in SAP?

Open Contracts in SAP simply refers to contracts that are still in effect. This means that the contract start date has passed, but the end date has not yet been reached. Open contracts can be for a wide range of purposes, from service contracts to purchase agreements and employment contracts.

How to Use Open Contracts in SAP

To access Open Contracts in SAP TCode, simply enter ME3M into the command field, then press “Enter”. This will bring up a screen that displays all open contracts in your SAP system. The screen will show you the contract number, contract type, vendor or customer, and start and end dates.

You can also filter your search by entering additional criteria such as the contract date or the person responsible for the contract. This makes it much easier to find specific contracts when you have a large number of open contracts to manage.

Benefits of Open Contracts in SAP

Knowing which contracts are still active is critical for any business, as it helps you to manage your budget and resources effectively. Here are some benefits of using Open Contracts in SAP:

1. Improved Contract Visibility

Open Contracts in SAP TCode makes it easy for you to see all your active contracts in one place. This means that you can quickly access information about each contract, including its start and end dates, and the parties involved.

2. Better Contract Management

By monitoring your open contracts, you can better manage your resources and budget. For example, if a particular contract is consuming too many resources, you can re-negotiate it or cancel it altogether. You can also keep track of contract renewal dates and plan accordingly.

3. Increased Efficiency

Open Contracts in SAP TCode lets you filter your search and export the results to Excel. This makes it easier to view and analyze contract data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.


Open Contracts in SAP TCode is a useful tool for businesses looking to keep track of their active contracts. With this feature, you can quickly see which contracts are still in effect, access important contract data, and make informed decisions about your resources and budget. By using Open Contracts in SAP, you can improve your contract management and increase your efficiency, leading to better business outcomes.